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Everyone Else in Puddle of Mudd Walks Offstage During Another Wes Scantlin Meltdown


Earlier this year, we posted about Puddle of Mudd vocalist Wes Scantlin losing it onstage midway through a show, ending the performance early while accusing a concertgoer of stealing his house. It was hard to imagine any band who would put up with that kind of utterly insane behavior, especially given that this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Well, things came to a head at a show in Doncaster, where the band abandoned Wes onstage halfway through their set. Apparently, Wes was going on yet another wasted rant about how people stole his house and money, and the band had enough of it, leaving him to sit onstage and snap his fingers while nu-metal blared in the background.

Here’s a video. I’d turn the sound off, though, as the guy taking the footage screaming, “FOOK YOU, WES!” is probably the only thing on Earth more annoying than Puddle of Mudd’s music:

The last time I ripped on Wes Scantlin, plenty of commenters came forward saying we should support this guy and urge him to get professional help, that I only shit on him because I don’t like his music. Which is somewhat true — Puddle of Mudd is just the fucking worst, so I’m not as quick to rush to this dude’s aid.

But more than that, this guy has been a mess for ages. He’s had a million chances to get his life on track, and instead he makes a loud, rude ass of himself like he has it written into his schedule. That his band still books shows is a gift to Wes that he should desperately cling to. And given that his entire band walked off stage the other night, something tells me he’s as infuriating to work with as we make him out to be.

Anyway, good luck to the other guys in Puddle of Mudd. Hopefully, either their singer gets his act together, or they start a new band with someone who won’t subject them to this kind of horseshit night after night.

[via Rockfeed]

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