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Wait, Did Justin Bieber Actually Just Tweet About Dark Funeral?


It’s currently common knowledge that Justin Bieber is getting into metal, or at least metal culture. The dude just had his logo and merch redesigned by death metal artist Mark Riddick, and he’s apparently been chilling with Marilyn Manson.

But is he getting into the underground and experimenting with black metal? Because Dark Funeral just posted the following to their Facebook page:


But wait — if you look at Bieber’s Twitter (ugh, can’t believe I had to link to that), you can find no such tweet on that day. So was this just a troll by a Dark Funeral fan? Or did Justin just take the tweet down? Both options are believable (dare I say beliebable, fucking murder me), the former as a dig at the pop star’s recent metal tendencies, the latter as a response to Bieber’s fanbase and/or management not wanting him to support satanic death metal bands.

Whether or not this actually happened, some metal stars are buying it, or at least enjoying the joke. Behemoth frontman Nergal Instagrammed the Facebook post himself:

Did Nergal get trolled, or did he just get in before Bieber could delete his post?

Anyway, if this was a joke, it’s kind of funny one. And if it wasn’t, Justin, fire me an e-mail. Dark Funeral are decent at best, and there’s a ton of other really brutal church-burning music I could turn you on to. We’ll talk.

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