GWAR’s Book Banned by the Virginia Department of Corrections


Last year, GWAR released Let There Be GWAR!, a book detailing the band’s long history and artistic development (or, how many dicks must an FX studio sculpt if an FX studio must sculpt dicks). The book is an awesome chronicle of both GWAR’s fictional history and the real-life trials and tribulations of the world’s grossest band.

Sadly, not everyone was so pleased by Let There Be GWAR! The band just posted the following letter to their Facebook, which was received by Gingko Pr. Inc., the book’s publisher, when an inmate tried to order it:

It’s kind of hilarious that they listed specific pages. One assumes the entire book was just banned outright.

Given that GWAR’s main effect on any human being is a bout of sophomoric chortling, I’m not sure how their book would be “detrimental to the security and good order” of any institution. It’s hilarious to think prison inmates were going to read Let There Be GWAR! and say, “Look, he’s got a bear trap for a head! LET’S FUCKING RIOT!”

Then again, there’s also plenty of material in the book about living the bizarre substance-fueled lifestyle of a professional metal band, which would not go over well with those running a correctional facility. It might promote drug use, or convince some of the prisoners that they, too, are human, and can be artistic and creative despite living outside of society.

What do you guys think–is banning GWAR’s book within a prison facility ridiculous bullshit or an unfortunate necessity? I think the former, but I’d be interested to hear a good argument for the latter. Meanwhile, if an inmate in Virginia hoses his warden down with neon-green jizz before murdering a cyborg Ronald Regan, we’ll let you know.

[via The PRP]

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