Here’s A Reggae Mashup of “Walk,” In Case You Ever Wanted To Smoke Weed To Pantera


Hey, check out how much Dimebag looks like a young Rob Zombie in that picture! Is Rob Zombie just Dimebag in a Rasta Hat?

Right, so, YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt is on a reggae kick. Having done a first-wave ska version of Ozzy’s “Over The Mountain” earlier this year, Rehfeldt has now set his sights on Pantera by isolating Phil Anselmo’s vocal tracks and adding them to a reggae version of the Pantera classic “Walk.” You can watch below.

Here’s the thing, though: when Rehfeldt (at least it appears to Rehfeldt, though the YouTube handle is Wilton Turdley, in which case it’s someone shamelessly ripping Rehfeldt off) has done Radio Disney versions of death metal in the past, he’s recorded silly vocals as well. Half the fun of reggae music is hearing someone spit hot fire with a thick Jamaican accent–but here, we just have Anselmo’s vocals. If you’re going to go reggae, go full reggae.

AAANYway, here’s the reggae version of “Walk.” We’ll let you know if someone plays In Flames on a kazoo or some such bullshit in the near future.

[via Loudwire]

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