Wes Scantlin Misses Court Date, Warrant Issued For His Arrest


Maybe getting arrested is Wes Scantlin’s fetish. The Puddle Of Mudd frontman was recently arrested after a stand-off with police, and then was arrested mid-concert for skipping on bail. Now, Wes has apparently missed a court date, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. So maybe he’s into it. Maybe he craves the cold embrace of the cuffs.

Metal Insider reports that both Wes and his lawyer didn’t show up for court on Friday, this appointment relating to December when he was caught driving without a registration.

I was joking about the fetish, by the way. Scantlin’s an addict who needs help, especially from the people who book shows with him and then walk out on him mid-show. Anyone who is booking or playing with Puddle of Mudd is really just enabling Scantlin until he gets professional help. Dude’s not even an edgy rock outlaw, he’s just one embarrassing arrest after another.

Anyway, Puddle of Mudd is scheduled to play two shows in Iowa this coming weekend, so fans (and lawmakers) can look for Scantlin there. Hopefully, instead of Iowa, Scantlin goes to a rehab facility and gets himself some fucking help.

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