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Stream This Killer New Auroch/Mitochondrion Split 7″



Oh boy, it’s Friday. The work week is done, the undiscovered weekend looms, the tall boy in your fridge beckons. It’s time to usher in two days of Hulu and liver abuse, and there’s only one way to really do that: by listening to some awesome new songs that sound like ghosts ripping someone’s guts out.

Thankfully, Mitochondrion is streaming their new split 7″ with Auroch, In Cronian Hour, and God DAMN if it isn’t awesome. The split was produced by Colin Marston, and it just slays; each band’s track is eerie and punishing in the utmost, and will rub a balm of pus and spinal fluid onto the work-weary souls of death metal fans. Truly this is the only way to celebrate the death of the week.

Blast In Cronian hour below and ooze your way into the tenderloin of Friday afternoon. The split will drop on bone-white vinyl (suh-weeeeet), and expects to ship on June 27th from Dark Descent in the US and June 15th from Hellthrasher Productions in Europe.

[via Metal Underground]

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