Yup, There’s Already a Metal Version of the Pokémon Go Theme Song


Just like you, I’m completely obsessed with Pokémon Go!

I was too old to have experienced the Pokémon craze the first time around, but it matters not: people of all ages are taking to the franchise’s latest installment, and I’m totally on board. Last night, instead of bumming around at home doing nothing, I decided to take a walk to play… and ended up cruising around the neighborhood for an hour! During which I saw at least 15-20 other people doing the same. I love that knowing glance when you pass someone else on the street who’s playing. Like you just discovered a new drug; “YEAH dawg, you too?”

The game’s only been out for a week and already there’s a metal cover of the theme song, because duh. YouTube user omar1up recorded his own rendition and filmed a video, and Gear Gods alerted us to its existence; watch below. I didn’t even KNOW there was a theme song to the game — I’m realizing that I’ve played with the sound off 100% of the time — but it’s damn catchy, no?

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