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Hello MetalSucks reader, happy Friday! Have you ever found yourself in a conversation at a concert with some random people? It can happen on any night between sets in a crowd of kinda like-minded dudes. And you probably have noticed that this type of chat always includes a few friendly recommendations. It’s awkward, but mostly it’s a tool to make 40 “crowd minutes” pass more quickly. Half-Mad Libs, half-free-association, it’s the same strained discussion many times with different proper nouns. You use stock phrases like “I’ll check that out.” You consider a band that dude states his enthusiasm for, and reply that a different band in the same genre is more your jam. You reject a few of his weirdest opinions, you stand mute on others, play dumb for the rest. The talk peters out, you step away.

If today I had five of these encounters, I’d recommend Sahg in each. For one thing, they’re unknown now, so I would feel super helpful to both band and soon-to-be fan. Another reason to mention Sahg is obvious: They’re awesome (and, judging by their gait, they know it) and I worship their 2014 album Delusions Of Grandeur (here). The recommendee should first experience them in the same mood as when they turn to Void Of Sleep and recent Alice In Chains. Or when they imagine if Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde teamed for a very unhappy Sabbath/Mastodon album. Or when they wake from a dream of Gojira produced by Peter Gabriel. Or right now cuz their new album’s first jam is out! Members of Audrey Horne, Gorgoroth, and Manngard. Crank it up!

Sahg’s new album is titled Memento Mori and is out September 23 via Indie. Pre-order here.

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