Informal Reader Poll: Who Would You Want To See As A Hologram?


Earlier today, Axl wrote about the Dio hologram that performed at Wacken this past weekend. Across the board, I agree with Axl that the whole hologram rock star thing is weird, and cheap, and perhaps does a disservice to the talent in question. It makes me think of zombies as they original existed in Haitian voodoo, where the fear wasn’t just becoming some walking corpse, but also being forced to go back to work after you were dead. The dead should be left to rest in peace, not turned into a computer simulation.

Now, that said, I understand why people might disagree. I got to see Dio twice during my lifetime, but many generations of metalheads will not, and maybe they want what is basically an enhanced onstage video performance to show them what Dio was like. More so, maybe there are some musicians out there who I’d dig to see as a hologram; if I was watching Slayer and a realistic Jeff Hanneman walked out onstage to play “South of Heaven,” I might get all misty and hitched. The point is, I understand the appeal of the musical hologram for certain fans of certain musicians now lost to them.

So, dear reader, tell us: is there a musician you would watch as a hologram? What dead artist would you not only not mind but maybe even pay money to see as a hologram? And forget things like realistic budget limitations and stage size and all that bullshit — if you think it’d be cool to see Mayhem with Euronymous and Dead, or Decapitated with Vitek on drums, we’d be interested to hear why.

Let us know your answer in the comments section.

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