Japanese Olympic Synchronized Swimmers Set Their Routine To A Kamelot Song


We’re deep in the grip of the Olympics right now, with the world’s nations gathered together in Brazil to fight for the right to say they’re better at judo and table tennis than anyone else. But though the Olympics are pretty metal unto themselves — they were founded by a bunch of naked Greek dudes who wanted to wrestle each other and throw spears, fucking true — there hasn’t been a ton of metal so far in the events.

Thankfully, Japan is there to remind the world that its priorities are messed up, and that power metal rules. Yukiko Inui and Risako Mitsui used a medley of songs by Floridian power metalers Kamelot as the soundtrack for their synchronized swimming routine, using pieces of “Karma”, “Ghost Opera”, and “The Spell.” You can watch a video below, and while the sound quality isn’t great, it doesn’t matter; all you need to hear is that double-bass to know that it’s metal, and that’s all that’s important (what, you think I’m a Kamelot fan?).

Check it out below. Now if only we could get some Guttural Corpora Cavernosa behind a ribbon dancing routine.


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