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Listen: High Spirits is Back “For the Glory”

  • Anso DF


It’s tempting to call Chris Black and his band High Spirits “power metal.” On the application for such status, we could check the boxes next to “relentlessly inspirational,” “expert harmony solos,” and “lots of major-key galloping.” Yet that form would return to us stamped “rejected” for the High Spirits pen can’t check the most vital box: “epic.” Black is plainspoken and plainly human, not a warrior or preacher; a confidant and well-wisher, not a ruthless leader of men astride a mighty steed. So not power metal.

It’s tempting also to conjecture about his vibe. We might guess that his unadorned voice and lean language are the result of his removal of any barriers to a listener’s comprehension. That is, maybe he’s getting out of the way of his own message, stripping it of any hint of judgement, and making it impossible for his Idea to be rejected on the basis of its delivery. The message is everything, his skill is transparent, and High Spirits music is an incredibly positive, life-affirming experience. You do your best, I’ll do my best, let’s not be seduced by anger, see you down the road the sooner the better. The forthcoming album is called Motivator and its first jam is “Reach for the Glory” (below via Deaf Forever). Crank it up!

High Spirits’ third album Motivator is out September 16 via High Roller. Pre-order here.

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