Former Rotting Out Vocalist Sentenced to Eighteen Months for Drug Trafficking


So remember back in March, when the vocalist for disbanded hardcore group Rotting Out was arrested for drug trafficking after he got busted with 70lbs of marijuana and 1,000 hash oil jars (street value: roughly $350,000)? And how the arrest was extra super sad, ’cause the dude doesn’t even like weed?

Well, that poor dude — his name is Walter Delgado, by the way — has now been sentenced alongside his accomplice, Anthony Jochum (who is from another hardcore band, Search Bloc). Says Lambgoat:

“Ultimately, Delgado and Jochum were each sentenced to 18 months in prison and must pay $5,000 in fines. Delgado has been incarcerated in Ohio since July 22 and will be eligible for early release in September 2017.”
UGH, that sucks. Hopefully Delgado’s fellow inmates are Rotting Out fans so he doesn’t have to go full Oz in order to survive.
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