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New Survey Shows Which Music Festival Audiences Have the Most Sex


Remember last week, when we all watched a couple smashing while Attila played? I’m sure it immediately provoked tantalizing thoughts of eroticism in your minds (I mean, why else are you reading MetalSucks?), and made you wonder which band’s live show would inspire you to get busy.

Well, British sex toy makers Lovehoney have done the research for you. In a new survey with 1,000 festival goers, they discovered some interesting facts about which festival audiences would prefer to have sex at, and which headliners inspire listeners to have sex the most. And shocker — metal festivals are not terribly high on the list.

As you’ll see below, the highest ranking metal entry into the survey is the Download festival, which 10% of subjects described as the most promiscuous festival. Sadly, only 8% said metal would be the best music to bang to, which indie got 11%, which I can’t possibly understand — who would rather bump uglies to some twangy art school bullshit rather than some pounding riffs? At least Iron Maiden beat Justin Bieber and The Cure in the ‘Headliner who will most enflame your loins’ section.

Anyway, read the results below. Got an awesome/hilarious/gross festival sex story? Send it to news AT metalsucks DOT net and we’ll post the most vile and ridiculous ones.

Most promiscuous music festival

  1. Glastonbury 34%
  2. Creamfields 13%
  3. Download 10%
  4. T in the Park 9%
  5. V Festival 8%
  6. The Secret Garden Party 7%
  7. Leeds 6%
  8. Isle of Wight 5%
  9. Reading 4%
  10. Bestival 2%
  11. Latitude 1%

Best type of music to have sex to at a festival:

  1. R&b 25%
  2. Dance 22%
  3. Rock 22%
  4. Indie 11%
  5. Metal 8%
  6. Pop 6%
  7. Rap 1%

Which summer headliners would most likely put you in the mood?

  1. Rihanna 30%
  2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 17%
  3. Adele 10%
  4. Coldplay 9%
  5. Muse 7.5%
  6. Queen 7%
  7. Iron Maiden 6.5%
  8. Kasabian 5%
  9. The Cure 3%
  10. Justin Bieber 2%

Best place to have sex in a festival:

  1. Tent
  2. Car
  3. Campervan
  4. Quiet spot in a field
  5. Yurt
  6. Backstage
  7. Dance tent
  8. In the crowd
  9. Portaloo

[via Team Rock]

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