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New Man Must Die Track? Don’t Mind if I DRRRRRRRRRR!!!



Glasgow tech-deathers Man Must Die won me over hard with 2009’s No Tolerance for Imperfection. Their music is the death metal equivalent of that ultra-buff dude you know from the gym, who’s really chill and funny until you talk about politics and he becomes the scariest guy on Earth.

Well, the band has continued that tradition with the new track they’ve just released, “Silent Authority.” The song is merciless and pummeling, falling solidly between Origin and Lamb of God in its mixture of technical death metal and infectious aggression. Fans of Walking Corpse Syndrome will dig this heavily.

The song comes in form of a lyric video, and while the song lyrics might not blow your mind in their profundity, I do appreciate that the band doesn’t try to do anything fancy with them like make them appear as bloodstains or in a government memo; that shit is getting old.

Lose your shit to “Silent Authority” below. The band’s new EP, Gagging Order, is due to come out later this year.

[via Metal Underground]

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