Video: Police Officer Jams with Teenage Garage Band


Score one for law enforcement in a very tough year: Deputy Miguel Garcia of the Compton, CA police department wins the Coolest Cop of the Year award.

After wrapping up another investigation, Garcia and his partner heard local group Misled Youth playing in a back yard. Once he determined that they weren’t breaking any laws, he picked up a guitar and joined them for a cover of The Offspring’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

Lest you think Garcia got in trouble with his superiors for breaking protocol, his department got in on the fun by Tweeting a playful message along with the video one of the bandmembers had captured. CBS Los Angeles picked up the story, too.

Hey, we wish it would’ve been “Master of Puppets” Deputy Garcia had started riffing on — or at least “Enter Sandman” fer chrissakes — but it’s still pretty cool he even bothered at all.

[via Metal Injection]

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