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Exclusive Track Premiere: Ghastly Sound, “The Worst”


Depending on their musical background, a listener might peg any number of influences on Ghastly Sound when listening to “The Worst,” the opening track from their self-titled, debut EP. Post-hardcore lovers or rock/metal listeners of a certain age might identify bits of At the Drive-In’s bombastic fury and reckless abandon. Fans of Red Fang, Kylesa or [old] Baroness could point to their giant-sized, fuzzed out, stonery and vaguely psychedelic riffs, then proclaim with 100% certainty that those are the bands Ghastly Sound most want to align with. A younger fan with no historical context might name-check Wild Throne, pointing to the similarities between the timbre of both bands’ vocalists. Some might even slot them in with the current noise rock revival among the likes of Whores, Wrong and Bummer.

None would be wrong: Ghastly Sound are all of those things. What’s more, the Burlington, VT outfit packs one helluva gut punch for being a) just a three-piece, and b) a band without any guitars at all. And not only is their music strong and ferocious, but it’s got hooks, too; they have not overlooked the oft-forgotten art of good songwriting.

Bassist TJ Maynard offers the following on “The Worst,” which we’re premiering here at MetalSucks today:

“Our song ‘The Worst’ embodies dissimulation in a lot of ways. The song is in standard tuning and a major key, which — in the genre we associate ourselves with — is a bit of a ‘no-no’ itself. It’s also our most personal song for me, conceptually. ‘The Worst’ is about the parts of ourselves we choose to show other people, and the way we perceive others without weighing our own faults. Truthfully, we can all show each other much worse.”

Ghastly Sound comes out March 10th via Magnetic Eye Records; pre-order at Bandcamp and listen to another EP track called “Where the Ghosts Hide” there as well.

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