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Exclusive Toothgrinder Studio Update!


We here at MetalSucks love us some Toothgrinder. How much do we love ’em, you ask? Well, last year’s Nocturnal Masquerade ended up on the year-end lists of both Vince and Axl, and was one of only two releases to attain that honor. So, yeah, we love ’em lots.

Thus, it is with great pleasure that we report Toothgrinder are currently in the studio, hard at work on a new release… and MetalSucks has got an exclusive update for ya! No need to thank us. Just doing our jobs.

Says drummer of Wills Weller of the sessions:

“I’m extremely excited to jump back into the studio for LP 2. We’ve learned a lot and have been extremely inspired by our travels and the bands we’ve had the privilege of touring with. The songs are shaping up to be another progression of the Toothgrinder sound.” 

Adds vocalist Justin Matthews:

“Every Toothgrinder recording from our earliest demos to our latest releases has always been a complete overhaul of the TG sound. Overtime we have tried to do something completely different and unexpected with each and every piece of music we put out. Our sophomore album will be no different. Expect the unexpected, be prepared for the initial shock and most importantly we hope to expand our horizons as well as our listeners. This record will be by far our biggest attempt to do something we have never done before, which will always be the Toothgrinder way.”

Sounds killer to us! We can’t wait to hear this thing.

Below, check out some exclusive photos of the band in the studio. The new Toothgrinder album should be out later this year on Spinefarm. You’ll know more as soon as we do!

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