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The New Glacial Tomb EP is Killer as Fuck



I was excited as Hell to hear Glacial Tomb from the moment I saw the e-mail about it in my Inbox. For one thing, the e-mail was from Ben Hutcherson, lead guitarist of Denver destroyers Khemmis, who’s in the band along with Connor Woods (ex-Abigail Williams) and Mike Salazar (Cult of the Lost Cause). Another is that the very name, ‘Glacial Tomb’, is creepier than the majority of black metal band names out there (how many words can end with -oth, for fuck’s sake?). Something told me I was in for a treat.

And I was right, because the four songs on Glacial Tomb’s new EP, Cognitive Erosion, are deeply satisfying. The band’s guitar tone has a mixture of pointed chug and frayed edges that makes me think of the metal I was raised on. The band’s frantic hive-mind of shrieks and gurgles make them sound wonderfully unhinged, and their use of strained, seasick tempo changes remind me of Mutilation Rites at their thrashiest.

All of which is to say, shit yeah, Glacial Tomb. Listen to Cognitive Erosion below, and check the band out at their Bandcamp here.

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