Readers’ Choice: Kardashev’s “Between Sea and Sky”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Hi! I’m a Readers’ Choice column! Remember me?

Today’s selection comes from reader Josh A., who made the bold assertion that his recommendation was “Probably one of the best things you’ll hear all day.” Those sorts of claims are almost always followed by links to videos for the most fuck-awful local bands imaginable, like Verb the Noun groups in Affliction shirts whose music makes me long for the sweet, sweet melodies of construction work and crying babies. So it was against my better judgment that I even checked out Josh’s suggestion.

But I’m glad I did, ’cause for once, one of you jerks wasn’t delusional!

“Between Sea and Sky,” the newish (it came out in March) single from Tempe, AZ’s Kardashev sounds kinda like a more polished, slightly heavier *shels, or a more polished, less heavy Buried Inside or So Hideous: it’s dreamy and cinematic and beautiful, but anyone who doesn’t like metal would think I was crazy for calling it “beautiful.” Put another way: the group is named after a Russian astrophysicist who designed a scale to measure a society’s level of technical advancement, and the entire video for the song is transparent images of the band members over meditative, Terrence Malick-esque shots of water, and both of those things are entirely appropriate.

Check out “Between Sea and Sky” below. If you dig it, you can buy it and check out more of Kardashev’s music here.

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