Juggalo Brandishes an Axe at Radio Station, Demands Insane Clown Posse be Played, Tells Cops, “I Guess You’re Just Going to Have to Kill Me”

  • Axl Rosenberg

On today’s episode of Juggalos: Why Do They Get Such a Lousy Rap?, we have Richard Newton, a thirty-eight-year old ICP fan from Medford, MA. Yesterday, Mr. Newton declared his adoration of the Posse of Clowns Who are Insane by showing up at the offices of radio station Kiss 108 in the middle of the day and demanding that ICP’s “My Axe” be played… while he was holding — you guessed it — his axe! And no, I don’t mean he was brandishing a guitar.

Then things got interesting, according to The Daily Mail:

“The station called the cops and Newton reportedly returned to his car. When police arrived, officers say he rammed the vehicle but did not threaten anyone with the ax.

“Witnesses told NECN that Newtown, who was drinking beer during the stand-off, also had several knives inside the vehicle.

“Officers negotiated with the suspect during the tense stand-off by cell phone and through the car window, but they say that at one point Newtown, simply got out his car and told them: ‘I guess you’re just going to have to kill me.’

“Cops say they used non-lethal weapons, including a Taser, to try and subdue him but he was able to get back into the car.”

After roughly three hours, Newton finally threw his axe out the window of his car and surrendered, and “has since been hospitalized and is undergoing mental evaluation.” The article makes it sound as though he may not be charged with a crime if he’s found to be mentally ill, which I’m assuming he will be.

On the bright side, Newton didn’t kill or amputate anyone’s appendages, so that’s nice.

You can watch a local news report on the incident below, courtesy of Metal Injection:

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