Infant Annihilator Banned from Spotify for Allegedly Being Offensive

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metal Injection reports that death/slam/core act Infant Annihilator have had their music removed from Spotify as a result of its content. It is not presently clear whether the streaming service independently deemed the band’s work offensive or if they simply received customer complaints. If I were forced to make a wager, I’d put my money on the latter being the case, because as of this writing, bands like Anal Cunt and Prostitute Disfigurement remain available on Spotify. So either the Spotify censors somehow got to Infant Annihilator before they got to Anal Cunt, or someone who is not familiar with metal somehow found out about Infant Annihilator and decided to lodge a complaint.

Below, you can read a letter written to the band by a representative of Tunecore, which is a service that allows you to upload your music to multiple digital platforms simultaneously (rather than go through the whole rigamarole for each individual platform):

So that stinks. But on the upside, this is the most press Infant Annihilator have ever gotten, and being deemed offensive has never hurt a metal band’s career in the past. Check out some of their music below; there’s more on Bandcamp.

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