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Pentagram Bassist Says Bobby Liebling “Went Off the Rails” on Drugs “and Ended Up Assaulting His Mom”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier this week, we learned that Pentagram vocalist Bobby Liebling has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison and three years probation for Abuse/Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult-Custodian — specifically, his eighty-seven-year-old mother, Diane Liebling.

Pentagram bassist Greg Turley has now released a lengthy statement regarding Liebling’s actions, arrest, and sentence:

“2015 and 2016 were the busiest years ever for Pentagram. New album and a full tour cycle kept us busier than ever and taking us to places we’ve never been and playing bigger shows than I ever imagined. November 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden I knew something was ending, I just didn’t know what…. Dealing with Bobby and his reoccurring demons was bringing us all down.

“Same story from the past, I know. Honestly, I thought Bobby would end up dying before we played another show. Turns out, he didn’t die, just went off the rails (drug induced) and ended up assaulting his mom. Pretty much the worst thing someone could do in my opinion. He assaults the one and only person that has always taking up for him? Wow! Just horrible.

“He’s now serving time in prison. Looks like he’ll be there for the next 12-18 months. That’s a lot of time to reflect on bad decisions and bad habits.

“The last six months have been quite a ride, continuing on without Bobby was an easy decision. Fans, investments and commitments all needed to be satisfied so we marched on. The positive support we received, especially from those who have attended the live shows has been truly amazing. Sucks to be put in this situation but we’ve made the best of it and exceeded even our own expectations.

“Don’t know exactly what the future holds BUT the music of Pentagram is much larger than the individuals. Just look at the list of people that have been involved!!! Not only have I had the opportunity to be a part, I’m also one of the biggest fans. I mean, I truly never get burned out on these songs, from Forever My Queen to the last note on Curious Volume. I love them all…

“The ‘Bobby IS Pentagram’ argument baffles me. There is and has always been a great team behind Bobby steering this whole ship and moving things forward, so there is definitely light beyond this. Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks Bobby steers the ship… I’ve been fortunate to be the constant for the last 8 years and involved since 1993.

“There still is an inner drive to move forward and bring the music to whoever will listen. I would love to have Bobby at the front of the stage more than you know, but by his own actions/mistakes, he’s removed himself.

“I’ve been to visit Bobby and keep in regular contact with him. He seems to understand that he ‘messed up’. Now, he’s got some time to clean up, work out his demons and try to make things right.

“What’s next for us? I look to keep moving forward…Thanks for reading and THANKS for your support.”

I don’t think Turley should be baffled by the “Bobby IS Pentagram” sentiment, which clearly stems from the fact that Liebling is by far the most recognizable member of the band (they made a movie about him, fer cryin’ out loud). I’m not saying the argument is valid, I’m just saying it’s not baffling.

But that’s neither here nor there I guess — the question is, will Pentagram fans be interested in seeing the band without Liebling for the time being? Evidence suggests they’re terrific even without their ghoulish frontman… but, again, Liebling is basically their public face.

In any case, it’s not exactly surprising to hear that drugs were involved in Liebling’s actions. What he did is loathsome, but hopefully he does indeed “understand that he ‘messed up’” and does whatever he has to in order to atone for his sins and make sure he never does it again.

[via The PRP]

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