What The Night Brings: Here’s Your Halloween ’17 Playlist


The air grows cold. The day grows short. The year lays down in its coffin knowing it will rise from the grave soon enough. And for one night, as life and death brush shoulders, we don disguises, light fires, and celebrate the funeral of 2017 in a joyous exaltation of mortality and morbidity. It’s time, my undead. It’s Halloween again.

Given the tenor of 2017, I can understand why some people might have a hard time getting too into Halloween this year. Our everyday lives have been assailed by clumsy, stupefying examples of real death, real hatred, real evil. To take part in festival that revels in those ideals, or at least the fun one can have with them, might seem inappropriate.

Personally, I think we need Halloween more than ever. A yearly reminder that fair is foul and foul is fair is, if anything, a solid return to balance for those of us who see our current world as totally out of line. As I’ve mentioned before, Trump’s America is all about things being nice and playing by the rules. But the point of Halloween is that the ultimate rule–that life is sacred and is sad upon ending–is broken. Halloween is a night of mischief, weirdness, indulgence in those dark things that complete us. It’s a night when no one can tell you what to say, do, eat, watch, be, or listen to. It’s a night that reminds us that death lurks around every corner, and regards the Reaper with a raised glass.

Anyway, enough with the heavy-handed metaphors, let’s watch a Frankenstein movie. Below you’ll find 31 tracks of songs from 2017 (so no Helloween or “Black No. 1”, comments scum) that exude the spirit of the season. Dress up as something you’re not, eat twenty pounds of bite-sized candy, light a candle for Martin Ain, and indulge in all the misrule and monsters that you keep locked in the dungeon the rest of the year (and if you see someone dressed as Ed Gein at the Gwar show in NYC tonight, come up and say hi).

Because who knows? Maybe this time, the sun really will die. Maybe we all will.

From all of us at MetalSucks, happy Halloween.

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