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Right Now: Psychostick Bassist Matty J Takes Over the MetalSucks Twitch Channel!


Touring is fucking hard. You’re away from home for weeks at a time, you’re stuck in a van for hours on end, you eat shitty food, you wait, wait and wait, only to play a 45 minute show and then repeat the process again. It’s grueling! So it’s no wonder that Psychostick bassist Matty J, who just finished up a run with the band, is celebrating being home in the most indulgent way possible: plopping his ass down on the couch and gaming!

Today (Thursday, December 14th) at 3pm EST / noon PST, Matty is taking over the MetalSucks Twitch channel. We aren’t sure exactly what games he’ll be playing (right now it’s Doom!), but the stream should last for about an hour and it should be fun. Don’t be afraid to get up there in the chat and ask some questions, too. Enjoy!

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