Wicked Wisdom is Still a Thing


It would appear that at least one of my predictions for 2018 — “Wicked Wisdom will not reunite” — was incorrect. I’m guessing a solid percentage of people reading this aren’t even sure who Wicked Wisdom are. The short answer is, “Jada Pinkett Smith’s metal band.” The longer answer is, “Jada Pinkett Smith’s horrible, no good, very bad metal band.”

We haven’t had cause to cover this band in ten years; they haven’t released an album in twelve. Apparently, they toured in 2013, but clearly said tour didn’t make much an impact on the metal community. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in assuming this band would only ever be discussed again in brief “Hey, remember when this dumb thing happened?”-type conversations held by old fools like me.

So imagine my surprise when ten minutes ago I got an e-mail announcing the full line-up for this year’s Afropunk Brooklyn festival and saw Wicked Wisdom listed as one of the acts on the bill:

Wicked Wisdom is Still a Thing

It’s hard not to notice that the band is booked for the same day as Jada’s windmilling daughter, Willow Smith. If the “Special Guest TBA” were also on that day, I’d put a bet down that it was Big Willie Style.

Anyhoo, despite how it’s laid out here, Afropunk is actually staggered, meaning that there will be someone else playing on a different stage at the same time as Wicked Wisdom. In other words: don’t let their presence deter you from attending. You can get details here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go spend some time learning about the other band on the bill whose name caught my eye…

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