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Dad Brains: When Dad Rock Gets Hardcore


Today in “It’s Amazing No One Thought of This Sooner”: there is now a band called Dad Brains. As you can probably guess, the band makes hardcore themed around cracking your father’s skull open with a steel pipe being a dad. Bassist Craig Kasamis tells New Noise that the group came about a result of the number of community kids who “are parented by band members — former or current — of the local punk/hardcore/metal scene in Ventura/Oxnard [California].” So this must have seemed like a better way to blow off steam than joining a bowling league or whatever.

Thing is, while this might just seem like some aging dudes’ Saturday night garage band with a particularly cute gimmick, Dad Brains is actually pretty good. I defy you to listen to their song “Baby Jail” and not walk away with it stuck in your noggin. Dads will probably also relate to the lyrics (“I NEED A BREAK!”). Being a dad sounds exhausting. I’m glad I don’t have to do it.

You can check out “Baby Jail” below. Dad Brains’ debut EP comes out this Friday, June 15 — in time for Father’s Day, natch. It doesn’t appear to be available for pre-order, but you’ll be able to get it here.

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