What the...??

Insane Album Cover of the Day: Stillbirth, Annihilation of Mankind


I’m not here to tell you about awesome German brutal death metal band Stillbirth is, because while I like them all right, their pig-squeal vocals kind of grate on me. However, no matter how critical I am of a band, I’ll always give them credit for having an album cover that makes me go, “…what the FUCK?”

And boy, does Stillbirth’s cover for their new album Annihilation of Mankind do that! Take a look:

So, wait, okay…there’s a Sodom-style gasmask man, and he’s either githing or summoning a Lovecraftian cancer beast, a big ashen horn-guy, a flying xenomorph mantis, and the Abominable Snowman, all while the world is overrun with… WEED? And what’s the deal with the giant frog head on his spear? That’s not annihilating mankind, that’s just what happens when you play Battletoads wrong!

You know what, I’m overthinking this. I just need to stare at this and go, “FFFUUUUCK” a bunch.

Stillbirth’s Annihilation of Mankind drops August 31st on Unique Leader. Pre-order it here, and watch a video preview below. Or just stare at the cover and wonder what the shit you’re looking at.

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