Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley To Trump Supporters: “My Band Doesn’t Need You. Nobody Does.”


Something we love about Every Time I Die is that they seem genuine in their beliefs, and they’re not afraid to say them out loud. Even when those beliefs might cost them a fan or two, and maybe some album sales.

In a recent tweet, ETID vocalist Keith Buckley expressed his relief at not seeing any Trump supporters on Warped Tour:

Of course, this didn’t sit well with one of Keith’s conservative “fans”, who played the usual Trump supporter card: a) getting super sensitive and freaking out when someone criticizes Trump, b) acting like any artist who dares to speak ill of Trump is going to go bankrupt from losing the money conservatives would’ve spent on them, and c) threatening people with an angry mob of preppy neo-Klansmen. Then he used the “thinky” emjoi. Because shitty little conservatives LOVE the “thinky” emoji.

Buckley, of course, responded with proper gusto:

Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley To Trump Supporters: “My Band Doesn’t Need You. Nobody Does.”

First off, fuck yeah, Keith.

Second, what a dumbass this dudes is. Does he really think an underground punk and hardcore musician is going to just go along to get along? Why the Hell did he get into liberal counterculture music in the first place, if he’s so offended by someone giving the finger to a white supremacist like Trump?

And finally, do these dickheads really think any of us are scared of the Proud Boys rolling up to a metal show? Even if those assholes did have the balls to buy a ticket and terrorize a band, they’d be supporting the musicians they claim to hate by paying the entry fee, and they’re just acting like the shitty terrorists that guys like Buckley hate. Thus proving liberals right.

That’s a hypothetical, of course–we all know the Proud Boys and groups like them are fucking pussies. Remember when they tried this shit with Power Trip, and then never even approached Riley? Yeah, real tough guys.

Buckley, of course, echoed these sentiments:

Hats off to Buckley, fuck off to Trump supporters. Listen to Keith on the MetalSucks Podcast here.

[Via The PRP]

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