Into Eternity Release “Sandstorm” Lyric Video, New Album is FINALLY Coming Out Next Week!


October 26th. That’s when Into Eternity’s first new album in ten years will FINALLY come out after innumerable delays. Is it really, really for real this time? What could possibly stop it now with just more than a week to go? Manufacturing delays? A hurricane? (pretty sure they don’t get those in central Canada). A hand infection? A death, god forbid??

Let’s not go there. Today we’ve got a new single called “Sandstorm” and that is reason enough to celebrate for Into Eternity fans. Following on the heels of “The Fringes of Psychosis,” released in July, the sound of The Sirens is finally starting to come into focus. And that sound is more or less what this band has always done — proggy, power-metal inspired epics — just with new vocalist Amanda Kiernan. In other words: it’s great! The chorus in particular of this one is catchy as fly paper; it’s stuck in my head already after just one listen. My one knock on the track is that I find the production/mix to be a bit lacking — it almost sounds like a demo — but beggars can’t be choosers.

Check out “Sandstorm” below via Decibel. Pre-order The Sirens here via M-Theory.

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