Misadventures in Heavy Metalling

If Places in Massachusetts Were Metal Bands…


If Places in Massachusetts Were Metal Bands…

Artwork by Matt Smith. Additional contributions by Chris Sanders.

Alander – True Appalachian folk metal

Alewife – Female-fronted pirate metal

Breakheart Reservation – Gothic metal, but often confused for Emo

Braintree – Mathcore

Buzzards Bay – Male-fronted pirate metal

Carver – Grindcore with a Rennaissance-like aesthetic

Chubb Point – Equal parts GWAR and Goblin Cock

Dracut – 80’s style thrash with industrial [decline] influences

Fairhaven – A medieval-sounding mostly acoustic side project

Greenbush – Stoner metal

Hull – Traditional heavy metal with lyrics emphasizing manliness, brotherhood, and being metal

Interlaken – Melodic death metal

Mount Greylock – Power metal with lyrics emphasizing wizards, elves, and dragons

Nahant – Operatic metal with indecipherable gothic death growls

Palladium – Dark, highly theatrical neoclassical metal that would make an aging Yngwie proud

Purgatory Chasm – Progressive metal

Rehoboth – Blackened death metal

Royalston – Female-fronted doom metal

Satan’s Kingdom – ___________ (reader’s choice for this one)

Sunderland – Uber-anthemic Viking metal

Swampscott – Sludge metal

Wenham – Drone sludge

Wistariahurst – Funeral doom

Woods Hole – Glam

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