Fallujah’s New Album Undying Light Now Streaming: Wat U Think??


I haven’t yet listened to Fallujah’s new album Undying Light in full — I just now hit “play” on the Spotify embed below, so I’m jamming it as I type this post — but from what I’ve seen in various internet comments sections regarding the singles they put out prior to the album’s release, the band’s fans are not too stoked on the new material. Jeez, you guys, be nice out there!! Wait ’til the album comes out, then judge. I realize the irony of that statement coming from MetalSucks of all places but, like, wow, some of the stuff I saw was truly nasty. No fun.

Undying Light is Fallujah’s first album without beloved longtime vocalist Alex Hoffman. Guitarist Brian James also left the group over a year ago — although that information didn’t come to light publicly until this January — under what appeared to be acrimonious circumstances. Anthony Palmero and Danny Tunker have taken their places, respectively.

Undying Light comes out today so it’s now available to stream everywhere. On first listen it sounds very Fallujah-y to me, but I’ll need repeat spins to let it sink in, then I’ll decide how it stacks up against the band’s past material (see? patience!). Does the new album sound drastically different as a result of the band’s changing membership (or perhaps unrelated to it)? Be the judge for yourself as you listen below.

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