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Report: Trent Reznor is Suing His Landlord


Trent Reznor rents??

That was my first reaction upon seeing this TMZ report that the Nine Inch Nails mastermind is suing his landlord. Surely a man of his means can afford to own! Perhaps Reznor’s current pad is one of many? Some commenters are claiming he recently sold his former home and is renting temporarily before making his next purchase, which would certainly make sense, although we have no way of verifying that.

In any case, what the headline says: Reznor is suing his landlord. He’s claiming the five bedroom, eight bathroom home (location not revealed by TMZ) was constructed using cheap materials that resulted in conditions unsuitable for living. He alleges that an electrical fire in January caused by mold inside the walls (black as your soul) forced him to move out and put up his family in a hotel. Reznor moved back in after the home’s owner allegedly fixed the place up, but that work caused even more problems, with whole sections of the house rendered unusable. Sewage leaks and flooding were also common, according to the suit.

Reznor is seeking reimbursement for the money he spent on hotels and rent as well as a return of his security deposit.

It’s all a terrible lie, claimed the landlord, as Reznor muttered to himself “You’re going to get what you deserve.”

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