Lordi Return, Probably Owe Rob Zombie Royalties

  • Axl Rosenberg

So it turns out Lordi are still around. They have a new album coming out called Killection: A Fictional Compilation, which “contains songs that Lordi would have written between the early 70’s through the mid-90’s” had they been around at that time. Which is kind of a fun idea, ‘cept I’d argue that Lordi’s music has never really sounded “modern,” unless we define “modern” as “a band from Long Island that will never make it” (which is amazing because they’re Finnish).

In any case, it explains why the album’s first single, “Shake the Baby Silent,” sounds like Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” if Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” wasn’t well-produced or catchy or fun to listen to and had lyrics that didn’t make you go “What the fuck is this song about?” so much as they made you go “Fuck this song!” — it’s meant to sound like it’s from 1995.

You can listen to “Shake the Baby Silent” below, or just skip directly to Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” below that. Killection comes out January 31 on AFM Records.

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