This Guitar Made Entirely of Nails is the Most Metal Guitar EVER


Ask a metalhead what their version of the most metal guitar ever would be and you’ll get answers ranging from Jared Dines’s patented 17, 18 and 19-string djent machines to a good old fashioned axe with tons of pointy shit. One luthier took that last idea to its logical conclusion, building a guitar’s body entirely out of nails. Tim Sway, the guitar’s mastermind and builder, sourced all the nails as scrap from other projects. What’s more, he built a hammer out of some of those nails and used that as the primary tool to build the guitar. The body’s core that anchors the bridge and neck and houses the pickups is made of wood, but it’s still hard to imagine a guitar any more “metal” than this one. Check out a video below detailing its construction as you wonder aloud how no one was harmed during its making.

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