System of a Down Drummer: “This Election is Not Over”


System of a Down may have put their differences aside in the name of raising awareness around the plight of their fellow Armenian people in Artsakh, releasing new music for the first time in 15 years, but the band’s members are no less divided politically than they were all spring and summer, when frontman Serj Tankian and drummer John Dolmayan were often at odds publicly.

Dolmayan, a vocal Trump-supporting conservative prone to disseminating conspiracy theories and racist misinformation, took to social media again last night to express his political views, this time alleging “fraud” and “collusion” with regards to Joe Biden’s victory, saying “this election is not over.” He also stated that “If Biden wins all of these protests will disappear and there will be a quick end to the pandemic,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that folks on the more liberal side of the spectrum would agree those would both be positive developments. His statement reads in full:

“If the will of the American people is that Joe Biden is president then so be it but only if he achieved this without fraud or collusion. This president has been under attack for nearly five years by all media both social and otherwise along with massive corporations and the lifelong politicians who have been actively attacking him since he decided to run.

“Why?He dealt with a worldwide pandemic crisis and a total shutdown of the economy perpetuated and instigated by his opponents in the hopes that our economy would crash and that he would be blamed . Massive violent protests ( they will go away if Biden is elected )that were most certainly instigated by his opposition to destabilize our nation and erode trust in our system.

“If Biden wins all of these protests will disappear and there will be a quick end to the pandemic , don’t fall for it. You will probably never see another non politician run for this office again ,that is our loss. This election is not over nor should it be without complete transparency.”

Earlier this summer, System vocalist Serj Tankian called any Trump lovers in his band’s fanbase “hypocrites,” prompting a bit of a public back and forth between the two bandmates. Dolmayan later said that he welcomes all System of a Down fans regardless of their politics, prompting Tankian to say he respects Dolmayan despite their differing views. The two men also happen to be brothers-in-law.


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