Listen to Accept’s New Single (But Not on Your Phone)


Accept’s new album, Too Mean to Die, was supposed to come out today, but got delayed by a coupla weeks, to January 29, ’cause of what the COVID done.

That’s a bummer, but at least the band is seeing to it that fans get some new music today: they’ve released another single from the album, “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Singer Mark Tornillo explains that the song is not about an actual zombie apocalypse:

“They’re everywhere, they can’t put them (mobile phones) down. They can’t keep them charged; they can’t take their eyes off the screen! It’s a zombie apocalypse!” 

So the 83% of you reading this on your phone right now: PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Accept don’t care that you can’t listen to their music without it right now. They’d rather sell zero records than assent to the use of smartphones.

This may or may not be why Accept don’t have any fans under the age of Triassic.

ANYWAY, for those of you who are still here because you weren’t reading this on your stupid phone: you can check out “Zombie Apocalypse” below. My teasing the band aside, it’s actually quite good — the guitar solo, in particular, while trick you into joining a Ponzi scheme. I mean that as high praise!

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