New A.I. Bot Generates Fake Metal Band Names and Album Art


Our Robot Overlords’ gradual takeover of metal continues!

Artificial intelligence has already learned to write black metal and death metal, and it’s already learned to write/parody Metallica songs and Iron Maiden songs and AC/DC songs. Shit, we’ve even seen robots play Motörhead. All Skynet needs now is a band name and some album art and it should be ready to keep rocking out long after Judgment Day.

Enter This Band Isn’t Real, a new Twitter account that uses A.I. to generate metal band and album names… and album art.

The craziest part? The fake names sound pretty goddamn real — certainly more so than the monikers created with the Heavy Metal Band Name Generator that launched in 2015.

Some of my personal favorites are below; follow the account on Twitter for more.

[via Metal Hammer]

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