Enlarge The racing-themed video features a number of other cameos as well.

Post Malone’s “Motley Crew” Video Features Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee


Rapper and pop star Post Malone teased a new song called “Motley Crew” earlier this week, leading metal fans to wonder whether the tune was at least partially an homage to the similarly-named ’80s rock legends. The track arrived this morning, and hey, wouldn’t you know it, the suspicions are confirmed! And not just that, but the Crüe’s own drummer, eccentric personality and perennial cartoon character, Tommy Lee, is a guest star in the video.

Malone, of course, has been quite public about his penchant for metal over the years. From his pre-fame time in a metalcore band called Ashley’s Arrival (video), to his pals in Power Trip and Gatecreeperhis love of Nekrogoblikon, the smash hit he released with Ozzy Osbourne, a video he posted of himself showing surprising composure on the guitar and a jam with Jared Dines, the dude’s for real: he loves metal!

And now he’s got Tommy friggin’ Lee in his music video. In “what the fuck has my life even become??” moments, that’s gotta be pretty far up there, even for someone as famous as Malone, right?

You can watch the racing-themed video, which features a number of other cameos (not connected to the metal world), below. Wonder if Posty got money from Pontiac and Bud Light for repping them so prominently? I sure hope so!

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