New Anthrax Album Coming in 2022

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having successfully commemorated their fortieth anniversary, what’s next on the docket for Anthrax? Why, new music, of course!

In a new interview with Metal Pilgrim, bassist/dude totally unafraid of accidentally swallowing a bug Frankie Bello reveals that the band will release a follow-up to 2016’s For All Kings sometime next year. He also implies that the band’s next offering probably would have come together sooner if not for the pandemic:

“COVID hit and stopped everything. You’ve gotta realize, we can’t get on a plane — during COVID, during the whole thing, we couldn’t get on a plane and just travel to go jam. Usually what happens with an ANTHRAX record, Charlie [Benante, drums], Scott [Ian, guitar] and myself would all congregate in one spot. Either I would fly out to L.A. or Chicago or they would fly to New York or we go to L.A., Scott’s house, we would all get together and jam and create. That wasn’t happening. I don’t know if you’ve done Zoom, but jamming on Zoom doesn’t really work. It doesn’t work — there’s always a latency there; there’s always a timing thing. It doesn’t work the way we want it to work. So now that we’re moving on, I know next month we have a writing session, which is great. We’re all gonna get together in New York and we’re gonna get together and jam. I think we have a six-, seven-song thing right now that we’re working and finagling around. So we’re on a good path. There will be another record in ’22. Hopefully everything works — everybody stays healthy and things are open. We’ll see what happens.”

Anthrax’s fellow Big Four big ones, Metallica, also expressed frustration with the process of trying to write music over Zoom, so that’s one more reason to be sick and tired of fucking teleconferencing.

You can check out the entire interview with Bello bello.

In related news, Anthrax have also released the most recent episode of their ongoing Anthrax 40 for 40 video series, which celebrates the band’s 40th anniversary by taking a look at each individual ‘Thrax album. This one focuses on the creation of Worship Music, the reunion with singer Joey Belladonna, and the Big Four shows with Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, including the one at Yankee Stadium, in Anthrax’s hometown of NYC, in 2011. Not-so-mysteriously absent from the video is any mention of Dan Nelson or the group’s brief reunion with John Bush in 2010. But it’s still a fun watch. You can check that out bello, too.

Catch up on previous episodes at these links:


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