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More Than Half of Kid Rock’s Band Tests Positive for COVID-19

  • Axl Rosenberg

Two Kid Rock shows scheduled to take place Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth this weekend have been canceled — because “over half” of Rock’s band has tested positive for COVID-19.

Rock says that he himself did not test positive for the virus, and that “many” of the band members, himself included, have been fully vaccinated.

Of course, that means that not all of them have been vaccinated. Which might make one wonder why it’s not a requirement to get vaxxed to be in Kid Rock’s band, except… it’s Kid Rock. He’s an ardent Trump supporter who took legal action against the lockdown and once looked at a mask like it was an instruction manual written in a language he doesn’t speak. That anyone in his orbit can even spell “vaccination” is a minor miracle.

Here’s Rock’s statement on the matter. And when you’re reading this, keep in mind it was written by a 50-year-old:

“Billy Bob’s Shows This Weekend…

“I am pissed. Over half the band has fucking covid (not me), and before u shit for brains bloggers and media trolls run your mouths, many of them, like me, have been vaccinated.

“I was gonna come and rock the house anyway, play acoustic, DJ or even just Juggle…. Deez Nutz!! – or at least try to entertain u good folks. But seriously, shit is way out of my hands on this one. I am beyond upset and you real ones know I would never cancel if I absolutely didn’t have too. For this, I am sorry.
–Kid Rock”

It’s hard not to notice that Rock doesn’t say if all the affected members of his band are feeling/doing alright. Especially because he quickly added this:

“PS – God bless our military, especially those who lost their lives today in Afghanistan. I am way more upset about that than some stupid virus and missing a couple shows. My heart bleeds for them and their loved ones. I hope we bomb the shit out of those fucks and send a clear message…But I am worried Biden is too much of a woke pussy. Say a prayer for the fallen, count your blessings and God Bless America.”

Gawd, Kid Rock seems SO COOL. I mean, doesn’t he just seem SO COOL? I think he seems SO COOL.

[via The PRP]

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