Hypocrisy’s First New Song in Eight Years Seems Suspiciously Anti-Vaxx


According to Hypocrisy mastermind Peter Tägtgren, the band’s first new album in eight years, Worship, has been in the works since before the pandemic:

“We’ve been recording this album here and there for two years and now it’s done! Maybe it was waiting for the right time as some songs are even more real now than a couple of years ago. Thank you all for your waiting. We’re really excited to officially announce we’re back!”

This being the case, I concede that I may be reading too much into the lyrics for the band’s new single, “Chemical Whore.”

Given the context of everything happening the world right now, however, it’s hard to imagine that Tägtgren and company were completely naive regarding how provocative those lyrics are.

For example:

We got the cure
We got your fate
We got everything you want so you don’t have to think again

From botanicals to synthetic drugs, pharmaceutical industry is born
It is not to cure
It’s about to control
Your money, your health
They want to own it all

Thing is, the pharmaceutical industry DOES suck, for a myriad of reasons, and those lyrics are pretty general. But, again, in the current context… when President Biden just announced sweeping new vaccination mandates yesterday… when unvaccinated metal musicians are dying… and when vaccination is such a needlessly divisive subject… this feels trollish at best.

Check out the song via the below music video and then go to the comments section to tell me I’m a sheeple cuck or whatever. Honestly I never look in there, I have no idea what you people do with yourselves.

Worship is out in November.

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