Ex-Cannibal Corpse Vocalist Chris Barnes to Death Metal Scene, Media: “Eat a D*** On Your Way Down”


There’s no shame in laughing at a clown, and damn, did founding Cannibal Corpse vocalist and current Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes put on his big shoes and red nose this week. After publicly shitting on a roundtable video featuring his replacement, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, among a crew of other contemporary death metal vocalists, Barnes went on to accuse Cannibal of price-gouging their fans, and then blocked anyone who argued with him on Twitter. Now, Chris has doubled down on this take with a new tweet which makes it clear he’s still very much on his bullshit.

Here’s what Chris wrote in his latest little freakout:

I stand by my original statement.

“ I despise what this genre has become.”

All the people trolling me, proves my point all the bitch ass “ media” making headlines off it proves my point.

Fuck y’all to Hell , eat a dick on your way down.

You won’t be able to see it, Chris — you’re so far ahead of us on your descent!

Never mind the fact that when he’s talking about “all the people trolling me,” he’s basically referencing the entire death metal scene — Barnes is pulling a move which we think of as a ‘Touchy Anselmo.’ Basically, he got up in public and said, Fuck all of you people, I’m the greatest. Then, when the entire world responded being like, Dude, what the hell’s your problem, calm down, he turned it into, See, I was right all along, you guys are dicks. Also, the media’s the real villain here. If you’re a public figure and you have yourself a merry little bitch-fest on a public forum, don’t be surprised if everyone notices and the people you insulted call you out on it.

That said, reading this tweet makes it clear that the kind of critical thinking required get to that realization is past Barnes.

In closing, we leave you with arguably the most savage of the burns that Gatecreeper frontman Chase Mason lobbed at the vocalist shortly after his initial tirade:


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