Oh Thank Christ, Saliva and Josey Scott Are Finally Reuniting


In case you had anything big happen in your life since 2019, nu-metal click-click-boomers Saliva were planning to reunite with their vocalist Josey Scott. This reunion, unfortunately, was put “on hold” in early 2021 (maybe the two sides just didn’t click, or click, or even boom). Now, however, it looks like Santa Claus is real, and he’s punked up on energy drinks and Malibu, because guys, Saliva and Josey Scott are FINALLY FUCKING REUNITING.

For one show, though, at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest, where God Forbid are reuniting, and I think Kittie, too, and actually, the festival’s current big thing is that a shitload of bands are reuniting there, which feels kind of weird.

Anyway, what matters is that this long-awaited clicking, and the subsequent clicking, and the inevitable booming, will finally happen, and given that it’s a one-off show, it’s either going to launch a tour or result in the funniest fucking onstage fight we’ve ever seen. Either way, you’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll click! You’ll click! You’ll boom!

Blue Ridge announced the reunion in a tweet you can see below. Mostly, though, we want you to read this apology that Scott sent out in December regarding the band’s failed reunion and remember that this is the guy who’s gonna be up there:

“I want 2 apologize 2 my fans because I thought I was gonna reunite w/certain people & make u new music, & that fell through, but, I believe everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. A blessing in disguise. Now it’s just u, & me, how intimate is that? #SV2022”.

Letters for numbers! So many ampersands! Let’s fucking PARTY! CLICK, CLICK, BOOM!

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