Watch Wormrot Blast Through Two of Their New Songs In a Tiny Studio Session


If you want grindcore that’ll peel your face off and feed it to you, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band better at making it than Singapore’s Wormrot. Not only do the grind three-piece play the kind of music that causes immediate panic and/or excitement, but they can also do so at the drop of a hat. Case in point, the band have just taken part in an intimate two-song in-studio session that’ll knock your fucking head back.

The video comes via Snakeweed Studios in Singapore, as part of their Snakeweed Session series. In it, the band play two new songs from their upcoming album Hiss, “Behind Closed Doors” and “When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence.” Each one is more frantic and awesome than the last, and leaves the viewer dumbstruck that the band can just turn it on the way they do. Fuck, this album is going to be rad.

Hiss will be Wormrot’s first album since 2016’s Voices. For those of you who don’t know them, the band rose to acclaim with 2009’s absolutely monumental Abuse, and then further cemented themselves in the scene with 2011’s crushing Dirge. Since then, these guys have remained wild-card champions of heavy music at its most worked-up and punishing, and have managed to make solid artistic choices along the way, unlike many of their scene-shackled peers. Long story short, we fucking love this band, and we’re here for this record.

Check out the video below. Wormrot’s Hiss drops July 8th via Earache, and is available for preorder.

Wormrot’s Hiss:

1. The Darkest Burden
2. Broken Maze
3. Behind Closed Doors
4. When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence
5. Your Dystopian Hell
6. Unrecognizable
7. Hatred Transcending
8. Doomsayer
9. Pale Moonlight
10. Seizures
11. Voiceless Choir
12. Grieve
13. Sea Of Disease
14. Noxious Cloud
15. Shattered Faith
16. Desolate Landscapes
17. Spiral Eyes
18. Vicious Circle
19. Weeping Willow
20. All Will Wither
21. Glass Shards

Watch Wormrot Blast Through Two of Their New Songs In a Tiny Studio Session
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