Poll: Are NFTs the Future, or a Bunch of Bulls***?


NFTs: the future of an art world that is finally rising to meet the technology of our time, or a high-priced version of the emperor’s new clothes that turns MS Paint drawings into million-dollar deals? When they were first introduced into the world, non-fungible tokens immediately created a polarizing effect, with much of the rock and metal sphere standing on the side that rolled its eyes and made a jack-off motion with its hands. But more and more, figures within the rock and metal world have started taking part in the new art form, with everyone from Ozzy to Avenged Sevenfold getting in on the trend. And while many remain wary of them, it’s undeniable that NFTs are going to become part of the future marketplace.

Personally? I don’t get it – to me, NFTs sound like Tumblr that destroys your bank account. But I’m also old as fuck, and kind of a crotchety bastard who hates anything new, shiny, or pretty. So, let’s get your take: what do you think about NFTs? Do you own any? Do you know anyone who does? If so, which ones – the chimps, the batz, the 3D Slipknot holograms? How do you feel about the metal world and artists in it using NFTs? Do you have any cryptocurrency? Do you trust that marketplace?

Let us know in the comments! There’s no wrong answer (except for the obvious ones that’ll get you banned) – we just want to know how NFTs affect the MetalSucks readership!

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What do you think of NFTs?
What do you think of NFTs?
What do you think of NFTs?

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