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Bloodbath Announce New Album, Release First Single Via Gloriously Trashy Video


At times when it feels like the world is being boiled by God on the stove of Hell in a saucepan of humanity’s hubris, it’s good to know that a band like Bloodbath are out there crushing skulls. While trends, outrages, and existential crises come and go, the international death metal supergroup is forever making music that sounds like how you feel putting on a spiked leather jacket. So we’re stoked to announce that Bloodbath are back with another album, just in time for the downfall of civilization as we know it.

Bloodbath’s new album Survival of the Sickest drops September 9th via Napalm Records, and is already available for preorder. As you’ll see below, the band are really not fucking around with this one, with a Wes Benscoter-illustrated album cover straight out of our moistest death metal dreams and an inaugural single about, wait for it, fuckin’ zombies.

The track, “Zombie Inferno,” is exactly what one wants from the band, namely speedy melodic death metal that comes with killer lyrics about fighting your way through a gore-deluge of hungry corpses. But even better is the trashy-ass video that the song comes with, which features frontman Nick Holmes bathed in gel light and plasma, rocking a pair of shades while running down ravenous cadavers. We’re glad that this far into their careers, the band are as willing as ever to go full B-movie with it.

Here’s how Bloodbath describe the video:

“One man’s struggle to rid the World of Zombie Infestation that seems to have inconveniently taken over the planet. Particularly, as he’s just refueled his 1969 Dodge Super Bee 440.”


Check out “Zombie Inferno” below, then scroll down for album details.

Bloodbath’s Survival of the Sickest:

  1. Zombie Inferno
  2. Putrefying Corpse
  3. Dead Parade
  4. Malignant Maggot Therapy
  5. Carved
  6. Born Infernal
  7. To Die
  8. Affliction of Extinction
  9. Tales of Melting Flesh
  10. Environcide
  11. No God Before Me
Bloodbath Announce New Album, Release First Single Via Gloriously Trashy Video

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