Check Out Our New Wave of Death Metal Playlist, Updated Every Two Weeks the Best New Death Metal Tracks


Right now, on the media and PR side of the metal sphere, death metal is king. Everyone’s talking about death metal bands, everyone’s starting a death metal band, and death metal is once more being seen as a fertile cesspool from which unholy noise can burble. In fact, these days, my promo inbox overflows with death metal — and quality death metal, too, bands creating gnarly riffs and brutal tunes about rotting corpses, exploding heads, and the inevitable crush of time. And since championing cool new bands is maybe the only real honorable part of our job, we decided to point a spotlight this new crop of bands making death metal awesome again.

As any of you who regularly ready MetalSucks know, we recently did a poll of our readers asking which band among the current new wave of death metal was your favorite. Having received thousands of responses, we then went on to put together a list of the top ten bands voted by you. Of course, when we did that, dozens of you showed up saying that all of these bands were awesome, and that they should all be celebrated. So we figured, fuck it — let’s put their music all in one place.

Below, you’ll find our latest playlist, the New Wave of Death Metal, which will be updated every two weeks with new death metal tracks. This playlist serves to showcase music by the latest bands in the death metal genre, who are breathing new life into the scene. For the record, we will judge what ‘new’ means by our own standards, but bands who’ve been around for decades and decades aren’t new just because they put a new album out. This is about young, fresh bands getting their chance.

Check out the playlist below. Don’t see a band on there who you think need to be included? Let us know in the comments, or e-mail us at news [at] metalsucks [dot] net and fill us in on who needs to be included and why.

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