Acid Witch Announce New Full-Length Album for October


No extreme metal band does heavy metal Halloween as well as Acid Witch. The Detroit doom-death crew weave together stoner riffs, slasher subject matters, dollar-store-decoration sound effects, and a general sense of schlock that pays the ultimate homage to the day of the dead. So we’re fucking stoked to announce that the band have a new album in the works — and it’s due this October!

Yup, the band has posted the below video to their Instagram, which promises a new full-length Acid Witch record for this October. Whether the October 1st date listed here is the actual release date, or whether that’s just some awesome vintage Halloween image that frontman Slasher Dave found, is anyone’s guess (it should be noted that 10/1 is in fact a Saturday this year). Even better than the graphic, though, is the music behind it, which goes ultra-heavy and has a dark sort of 1970s pagan horror yearning going on. It definitely bodes well for a new album.

Needless to say, we are fucking ready for new Acid Witch. It’s been, what, five years since the band’s previous full-length, Evil Sound Screamers, and while they’ve released several awesome splits and singles since then — last year’s split with Vaultwraith was especially gnarly — we’re here for another full-size candy bar in our trick-or-treat buckets. Meaning our asses.

Check out the sample below and wonder why the fuck no one’s put out a pumpkin ale yet.

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