Paul Stanley Calls Out Kanye’s Bulls*it, Zakk Wylde Hasn’t Learned Any Pantera Material Yet, and More Top Stories of the Week


Man, this past week took a turn. Everything was going fine and then not only did we find out that Ken Susi was on an indefinite leave from Unearth and Ivan Moody was planning to quit metal, but now The Sword are no more and the world’s going to have to deal with yet another Motley Crue tour. It’s like metal as a genre was like “hey, you had a pretty sick week last week, so let’s fix that.”

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom and bummer news stories. Deicide is in pre-production for their 13th record and we now exactly know how kick ass Exhumed’s latest offering really is (though was there any doubt about that).

So with a weary eye towards the next week, we’ll leave you with our updated Spotify playlist, as well as the top 10 articles from last week. So chill out, catch up, and look around for the rest of last week’s news, features, interviews, and reviews.

John 5 Says Mötley Crüe Speculation is ‘Just a Rumor’

Yikes, Zakk Wylde Hasn’t Learned Pantera Material Yet

Ivan Moody is Quitting Metal and Now Everyone’s a Comedian

Years After Trying to Have His Wife Killed, Tim Lambesis Thinks Maybe That Wasn’t Such a Good Idea

Rivers of Nihil Part Ways with Founding Vocalist Jake Dieffenbach

Kiss Frontman Paul Stanley Says Kanye West is “Clearly Disturbed, Speaking Nonsensically and Spewing Hate Speech”

Ken Susi is on an “Extended Break” from Unearth and He’s Not on the New Record

Bummer: The Sword Call It Quits

Mötley Crüe to Subject the World to Yet Another Tour with Def Leppard

The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicidal Tendencies and More Announced for Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly 2023

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