Ted Nugent Ignores Logic, Stands with Kid Rock Over Inclusive Beer Ad


You may have seen the video of Kid Rock shooting up several cases of Bud Light in protest of the fact that the company partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney by giving her a custom can of the beer with her face on it, commemorating one year of gender transition. To be clear: this product is not publicly available. Kid Rock can’t even find a case of Bud Light with Mulvaney’s face at the store, because it isn’t being sold—he just wanted something to be mad at.

The former rap rocker and current country music grifter was joined in support by none other than guitarist and conservative pundit Ted Nugent, who also takes the existence of the aforementioned beer very seriously.

“I think I might have trained Kid Rock appropriately, because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a fully automatic MP5 and nine-millimeter blasting about 600 rounds per minute.

“The beauty of my life — there’s so many things — is that I’ve never spent one red cent on alcohol, but I made my sure that my entire crew and my family will never allow any Anheuser-Bush products anywhere near my world. Or now it looks like Jack Daniel’s has fallen into the same crevasse of stupidity,” he said, apparently referencing a Jack Daniel’s ad from two years ago featuring a trio of drag performers as part of the brand’s pact with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alums on the “Drag Queen Summer Glamp” campaign.”

After claiming that he doesn’t even consume the thing he and Kid Rock are furious about, the Nuge continues his rant (via Blabbermouth) with an extended tirade. The whole thing is too long to print here, but it can be summed up in Nugent’s word salad in which he admits he believes everyone who drinks Anheuser-Busch beers (that’s a lot of people) is a bigot.

“How could they be that disrespectful and give the middle finger to their core consumer demographic? Can they possibly have a meeting around a table and come to the conclusion that they’re gonna piss in the face of the people that pay their salaries? This is the epitome of a cultural deprivation in an ongoing tsunami of cultural deprivation, but I get a kick out of it because good people are still standing our ground.”

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